Volunteer With Us

Volunteer in the beautiful beach resort town of Diani, on the south coast of Kenya.

There are six primate species with approximately 1,400 monkeys living within the suburban town. Diani is interspersed with remnant forest patches and scattered trees from the original forest type that is considered part of a Global Biodiversity Hotspot.

Carry out wildlife and forest conservation overlooking the beautiful white sand beaches and clear waters of the Indian Ocean. Enjoy warm evenings socialising and dancing by moonlight at the local hotels and restaurants.  On days off you can enjoy the opportunities for scuba diving, kitesurfing, windsurfing, stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking, skim and boogie boarding or exploring Shimba Hills National Reserve. All with the security of good quality hospitals, pharmacies, shops, post-offices and banks near-by!

There are a variety of projects underway at Colobus Conservation at any one time.  Activities you may be involved in include:
•    Feeding primates awaiting release
•    Cleaning enclosures
•    Primate orphan care
•    Community education programmes
•    Community outreach
•    Primate release monitoring
•    Primate behaviour data collection
•    Human-primate conflict resolution
•    Primate census
•    Tree growth surveys
•    Enclosure enrichment provision

We welcome volunteers from diverse backgrounds with a range of skills including: teaching, photography, GIS, botany, editing/writing, artistic ability, sales/marketing ability and carpentry/building as well as veterinarians, primatologists and animal rehabilitators.

If you don't see what you are looking for on the list, please write to us and enquire at volunteers@colobusconservation.org or click on the handbook link below:

HANDBOOK - Volunteers and Students

Other useful downloads:

Volunteer Wish List

Colobus Conservation Refund Policy


I had a fantastic time at the Colobus Conservation, carrying out a pest assessment at a local hotel with one of the other volunteers. Its a great place to work and relax. The staff and volunteers were all so warm and welcoming. My only regret was not being able to stay longer. 

Nicola - UK

The place is lush. There is so much greenery and diversity and down a stony path is the beach. The sand is white, the sea is turquoise and there are loads of palm trees. Being in this coastal forest with baboons, vervet, Sykes and colobus monkeys moving freely around meant I’d already gotten everything out of this trip I’d hoped for.

Selina UK

The staff and other volunteers at Colobus were amazing. The staff was very humble and helpful and thanks to them, I learned so much! Colobus conservation is a haven for the endangered Angolan colobus monkeys and also a greater haven for volunteers too!

Rose Kenya

My time volunteering at Colobus Conservation Limited ranks as one of the best experiences of my life. My 10 weeks volunteering gave me an all-round experience of conservation in action, involving, primate care, community education, primate assessment, orphan care, welfare call outs, fundraising ( a charity walk) and a chance to be involved in the annual primate census.

Shelia - Kenya