Primate Electrocutions

Colobus ElectrocutionElectrocutions account for about 20% of the injury and mortality statistics in the Diani area as a percentage of all our animal welfare call-outs.  

Data on primate electrocutions has been collected since 1997.  Comparing the monthly number of call-outs for electrocution injuries and deaths through the years, it was found that significantly more electrocutions occur in months with lower rainfall.   This is reasonable, as during these months the primates use the power line infrastructure to move between tree canopies when vegetation is at its lowest. The power lines act as connectors between trees especially in this suburban setting, attracting primates onto the lines in areas where trees have been cut down.

Colobus Conservation works in collaboration with the Kenya Power and Lighting Company (KPLC). In 2017, KPLC removed 12 km of uninsulated power lines in Diani and replaced them with insulated lines. They also moved transformers which given their location, were causing multiple primate electrocutions.

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