For a gift of $45 you will help us give the orphan the care it needs through providing food, enrichment and medical care during its rehabilitation. You will receive an adoption certificate, free entry certificate to visit your monkey when you can (both are valid for one year), a photo of your monkey, a factsheet with everything you need to know about your monkey and email updates on your monkey.

HeriHeri was rescued from the Southern Palms Hotel as an abandoned infant. He has come a long way, from sickness and weakness he persevered, and is doing remarkably well!. He was shy at first but he eventually came around.
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kongo3He was rescued on the 6th of December 2022 in a bush near river Kongo. The informant found him alone and crying. No troop members were present. He was bought into cc and immediately entered long-term rehabilitation starting with orphan care.
Kongo has been doing well and has gained weight from 360g when he first came -today 15.12.2022, 445g. He enjoys feeding cerelac and jumping around. Kongo is very sensitive; he always responds to any disturbance very quickly but you can only befriend him if you have food. On 12 December, he started his integration process, allowing him to spend half a day at the nursery vervet anti-cage.
On 11 January 2023, Kongo moved into a nursery cage with other infant vervets ( Mbweni and Moshi) alongside Mrembo and Nyali. Kongo has joined other infants at a body weight of 650g and we can only hope he grows well, learns monkey behavior, and becomes a father of many, just like river Kongo gives life to many.
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